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Residential Movers Halifax

Once you contact our moving company, we will immediately send our representative to your house to check and assist you in your moving needs. We will make sure everything will be organized before and after moving. Vanlines and Movers Halifax is a moving company that has relocate a thousands of customers, giving them a reputable and high quality moving service. No matter how big or small the move is, we will transport your things with ease and precision.

We at Vanlines and Movers have the most experienced and friendly staff, who will move all your furniture and protect your fragile belongings. We can move any size of piano, be it an upright piano or a concert grand. We have personalized boxes that will fit any of your belongings and deliver them safely to your doorstep.

Our Locations In Halifax, NS

Vanlines and Movers
1959 Upper Water Street, Suite 1700, Tower 1 Halifax, NS B3J 3N2
Phone: (902) 800-8610

Halifax Movers: Local Moving Services
103 Summit Crescent Halifax, NS B3Z 1P9
Phone: (902) 704-1703

Halifax Moving Company
5475 Spring Garden Rd., Unit 510 Halifax, NS B3J 3T2
Phone: (902) 704-1700