Living Costs & Relocation Tips If You’re Moving to Halifax

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Halifax is the capital city of Nova Scotia and has a population of over 400,000 people. Formerly known as the Halifax Regional Municipality, this city is a primary economic hub that is home to many government facilities and private businesses. However, this is far from all that Halifax has to offer its residents. Those in search of culture and entertainment should take a closer look at this Nova Scotian hotspot.
Halifax is home to several museums, art galleries, and historical sites for both residents and visitors to experience. It also has Scotiabank Centre, the largest sports arena in Atlantic Canada, which has served as the site for many large-scale sporting events over the years. Additionally, the city offers plenty of recreational activities on the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Cost of Living in Halifax

If you’re considering relocating to Halifax, take into account that it is a larger city that is home to a very active economy and relatively high quality of life. With that in mind, the cost of living and rental prices are lower than what you’d find in other large Canadian cities, such as Toronto or Montreal. An average one-bedroom apartment would only cost $879 a month in Halifax. Compared to Toronto’s rental rates, you’d be saving several hundred dollars each month for comparable accommodations.
Beyond that, the price for a single bus ticket is $2.50, and the cost of a single metro ticket is $3.00. A 2017 study showed that the average resident in Halifax makes less than $49,000. Average annual income is an excellent metric to use when gauging a city’s suitability for your lifestyle. One benefit of living in Halifax is that work commutes are generally short. Most residents also work in the city, saving lots of time and money in the long run.

Moving Tips

If your Halifax moving plan is in the works, you should be well-prepared so that you can make the transition as efficient and effortless as possible. Whether this is your first time moving or you’ve been through the process a few times, check out these tips to make your next move a bit easier.

Book Your Moving Service as Early as Possible

For many people, moving to Halifax means moving long-distance from another province. Whether or not this is the case for you, there is always logistical planning involved with moving. If you’re looking to get extra hands on deck, be sure to book a reliable moving service in advance. This way, you don’t end up in a situation where you have to settle for a sub-par moving service just because it was the only one available.

Get Rid of Anything You Don't Need

Moving is the perfect excuse to clear out unnecessary clutter to save yourself time, money, and storage space. Even a well-planned move is stressful enough, so the fewer things you have to move from point A to point B, the better. Some great strategies for decluttering include donating items, a garage/yard sale, or giving them away to family and friends. Though it can be challenging to part ways with some belongings, be critical when sorting through your things. Moving is an ideal opportunity to free yourself from the things you don’t need.

Pack a Bag with Some Overnight Essentials

Moving can be unpredictable. You never know how quickly you’re able to unpack everything, nor can you predict whether everything will go according to plan. Once you’ve got everything inside of your new place, you’ll likely be exhausted. Having a bag with some overnight essentials will save you from digging through boxes to find your toothbrush. Also, consider packing a change of clothes for work on Monday if you’re planning to make a weekend move that will leave you exhausted by Sunday evening.

Pack Non-Essentials Ahead of Time

Unsure of how to begin preparing? Those books that you rarely flip through, off-season clothing and other decorative items are a good starting point. Pack these non-essential possessions far in advance. This way, you’re breaking up the task of packing into more manageable workloads. Once the big day approaches, you won’t have as many items left on your to-do list. Just be sure not to accidentally pack away something that you may need prior to moving.
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